Here is simple way to export or import menu from one wordpress to another wordpress site.

Follow the steps.

Step -1

Download Plugin.zip or Download Latest Version to your computer.

Step – 2

Login to you wordpress site.

Go to yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php

Step – 3

After logging in Your WordPress site.

Click on “Plugin + Add New” from Left side.

Step – 4

Now, Click on Upload Plugin

Step – 5

Now, Browse Downloaded plugin from your computer, Where you downloaded Plugin According to Step – 1 Above.

and click on Install Now.

Step – 6

Now, Click on Active Plugin


After installing the plugin,

First, Export menu from 1st site.

Click to “Appearance Export/Import Menus” from left sidebar.

Step-8 (Export) Tips

1) Select a Menu name then Click on “Export” button

2) Now, Download export .json file in your Local Computer.

After Click on “Export Button” Download will appear. Then, Click “OK

3) Now, Save it in “Desktop” in your Local Computer.

4) Now it is saved/downloaded in “Desktop” in your Local Computer.

Step- 9 (Import) Tips

1) Now, Click on “Import Menus

2) Then, Browse “Exported” file from Local Computer Desktop. (.json) file

3) Now type a new menu name. “New3

Then, Click on “Import Menus” Button

4) It will auto import.

After all menus imported successful the, go to “Appearance – Menus” and Select your new Menu.


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